In Nepal 23 Social Organization request the Government ban Tobacco and related products during the COVID-19 pandemic

Twenty three (23) Social Organizations in Kathmandu, Nepal have requested the Government to ban importing  and selling tobacco contain products during the COVID-19 pandemic .  This letter has been handed over to the Prime Minister of Nepal on 10th May 2020(Sunday) through the ministry of Health and population of Nepal.

The letter has highlighted the importance of banning tobacco related products as smoking is one of the high risk factors in COVID-19. Water pipes, Shisha, Electronic cigarettes, Heated tobacco products (such as IQQS), and Chewing tobacco are among the tobacco related products included in the list.  These organizations have also mentioned that Banning water pipes and shisha would also help to discourage social gatherings that contribute to the spread of the virus. They have been also urges the government to increase the tobacco tax in Nepal.

[This article is based on a media report written by Bhisha kafle to the Healthaawaj newspaper कोभिड-१९ : सूर्तिजन्य पदार्थ आपूर्ति तथा बिक्रीमा रोक लगाउन २३ वटा संस्थाको माग थप पढनुहोस: Find us on Twitter: @healthaawaj | Facebook: HealthAawajOfficial]


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