Bangladesh anti tobacco organizations and the citizens urges the government to ban tobacco during the COVID-19 pandemic

In Bangladesh 20 anti-tobacco organizations and 100 eminent citizens of the country has sent  a letter  addressed to the Hon. Prime Minister on 9th May 2020, calling for a temporary ban on the marketing and sale of all tobacco products during the  Covid-19 pandemic. The letter has urged the government to utilize the global experience set by India, South Africa and Botswana, countries that banned tobacco sale temporarily as a part to fight COVID-19.

The letter sent to the Prime Minister can be viewed through the following link:

Letter sent to the Prime minister

The anti tobacco organizations supported this joint effort included  Bangladesh Cancer Society, BCCP, ACD, YPSA, Aid Foundation, Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance, BNTTP, BITA, Grambangla Unnayan Committee, NATAB, Prattashya, TCRC, National Heart Foundation, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, UFAT, TABINAJ, Voice, WBB Trust and Anti-Tobacco Media Alliance (ATMA).

The letter campaign has been covered extensively by a number of leading newspapers and other media outlets (78 reports) including the English news papaers Daily Sun, Dhaka Tribune, Business Standard, Bangladesh post, UNB, Daily Industry,, Somoy News and Saradinnews. A compilation of media pieces can be downloaded from the below link

Media coverage

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