Tobacco Industry Country Profile – Bangladesh

Bangladesh, home to a population of 163.7 million people, is a South Asian country encompassing only 147,570 square kilometers.[1] Aspiring to become a middle-income country, Bangladesh has recently made significant progress in different socio-economic sectors. The average literacy rate reached 72.6 %. The infant mortality rate dropped to 24 per thousand births from 163.7 in 1969. Currently, the average rate of school enrollment is at 97.85 %.[2] In 2018-19, the per capita income was USD 1,909. As per the World Bank data, the GDP growth rate for 2018-19 was 7.2 %, second highest in South Asia. Poverty has also fell significantly, with a current rate of poverty of 21.8 % in 2018 which was 40 % in 2005.[3][4]